Solar Powered SpeedCheck Radar Signs

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Speed Display Accessories

Information Display Company offers a variety of optional add-on accessories that enhance the usability and convenience of your radar speed signs, variable speed signs and intelligent traffic signs.

Click on any of the categories below to learn more about each optional accessory or call our speed display experts directly for answers to any of your traffic-calming related questions.


IDC Help

Emphasizes speeding violations.


Control up to two external devices, such as flashers or strobes.

Display Manager™

DisplayManager allows you to manage and monitor your radar speed signs and other speed displays wirelessly using your laptop computer or from a single remote office.

SpeedCheck Scheduler

Tailor the operations of individual radar displays or entire groups of signs. On/Off, alert thresholds, message displays, speed limit postings and more.


Collect accurate traffic density and speed data using your radar speed sign, variable speed limit sign or intelligent traffic sign.


Sync your radar speed signs or other speed displays with the government atomic clock and ensure that each of your scheduled operations happen exactly when you want them to.

Mounting Options

Set up your radar speed display, variable speed limit sign or intelligent traffic sign for either permanent or temporary applications.

Trailer, Stands & Trunk Mounts

IDC changed the industry with the introduction of its SuperTrailer. Redesigned from the ground up, the SuperTrailer is simply the most effective, durable and versatile speed display trailer available anywhere.

AC & Solar Power Options

Go green whenever and wherever you need to operate your radar speed sign, variable speed sign or intelligent traffic sign.


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