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The difference 5 mph can make

By dramatically reducing the speed of the worst offenders, SpeedCheck radar speed display signs can well mean the difference between life and death.

Studies show that radar speed signs have a major impact on vehicles traveling above the speed limit. While the presence of a radar speed sign may cause a reduction in the average speed of just a few miles per hour (typically 5 to 8 mph), this small change represents a substantial reduction in the risk of serious injury or death.

The pink chart shows that slower moving vehicles are far less likely to be involved in pedestrian accidents.

  • An alert and skilled driver traveling 20 mph who spots a child in the road 50 feet ahead will be able to come to a full stop within the distance.
  • The same driver traveling 30 mph will not even begin to slow down before hitting the child.

Driving speeds also have a dramatic affect on fatality rates in pedestrian accidents. The critical speed range for achieving a reduction in injury and death is the same speed range typically seen in school and pedestrian zones, as seen in the blue chart.

  • Reducing vehicle- pedestrian crash speed from 30 mph to 20 mph decreases the likelihood of death from 45% to 5%.
Chart Fatalities vs Speed
  • Even if the accident is not prevented, the risk of death or serious injury is dramatically reduced by reducing the speed at which a vehicle-pedestrian accident occurs.


Why radar speed signs -
Simple as a, b, c

A) Immediate and long-lasting results -
SpeedCheck radar speed display signs
significantly reduce the likelihood of a vehicle-pedestrian accident - typical school zone speed reductions of 5-8 mph.

B) SRTS Funding for more schools - SpeedCheck displays are a lower cost, lower maintenance alternative to sidewalks, traffic lights or speed bumps, allowing you to stretch your SRTS funding.

C) Measured success. Our TrafficAnalyzer™
collects date, time and speed for each vehicle with integrated reports and access to the raw data. With data in hand, you can easily measure your program results and direct targeted police enforcement for excessive speeding areas.


Why SpeedCheck brand radar speed signs - It all adds up

  • Effective: The major factor in determining the
    effectiveness of one radar speed display sign over
    another is visibility. SpeedCheck displays use several patended technologies such as SafetyMask™ and UltraClear™, making them dramatically more visible than speed displays from any other manufacturer.
  • Dependable: Our SpeedCheck radar speed
    display signs operate 24 hours a day, seven days a
    week, delivering instant results and maintaining
    traffic calming year after year.
  • Versatile: IDC radar speed signs come with a variety of options and features that make them the most versatile displays in the business. Data collection, scheduling, variable messaging, and other features ensure your sign is right for the job you have to do.




More Radar Speed Sign Applications

IDC radar signs are chosen by more cities than any other brand. No other radar speed display works more quickly to slow traffic and increase the safety of both drivers and pedestrians.


Rural Roadways

Traffic Calming Solutions

There is a critical need to reduce fatalities on rural roads, which account for almost two-thirds of the 43,000 roadway fatalities in the United States each year. Safety improvements are needed on all rural roads.

The Federal Highway Administration has, as part of SAFTEA-LU, allocated $360 million to address high-risk rural roads. This program, known as HRRRP, allocates funds for each state. To qualify, the state must first submit a Strategic Highway Safety Plan. Click below to start looking into HRRRP funding.

  Radar Speed Sign Chart


Calming traffic. Reducing crashes

Speed continues to be one of the major killers, contributing to numerous crashes involving serious injury, and increasing the severity of crashes caused by other factors. SpeedCheck radar speed signs and variable speed limit signs are used for safety improvements on rural roadways, for example on:

  • curved highways
  • two-lane collectors leading into towns and cities
  • county roadways leading to school zones
  • recreational areas

SpeedCheck radar speed signs also grab the attention of drivers who are speeding on these dangerous roadways. As a stand-alone solution, our 18-inch radar speed displays consistently produce instant results, and continue to be highly effective over time.

SpeedCheck radar speed signs, variable speed limit signs and intelligent traffic signs are often used in conjunction with other safety improvements such as targeted enforcement flashers, rumble strips, chevrons and curve warning signs.

The West's famous Highway 101, which passes through the giant redwoods of Northern California, is notorious for congestion and treacherous curves. The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has increased safety along this very popular route using SpeedCheck's 18-inch radar speed displays as one component of a comprehensive traffic calming program.

Another notorious stretch of roadway in the Caltrans jurisdiction is the 25.5 mile section of State Route 12 running from I-80 to the Sacramento River. The numbers tell the story:

  Radar Speed Sign Chart
  • 1,300 accidents from 2000 to 2006
  • 51% were rear-end collisions
  • 14 of the 18 head-on collisions were fatal
  • 92% of the accidents resulted in injury or death

Caltrans chose our SpeedCheck solar-powered driver feedback signs as one of the tools for reducing accidents, injuries and fatalities on this perilous stretch of roadway. See the following link for more information:

County Sheriffs education flyer


Industrial. Commercial & Business Campuses

Radar Speed Signs Industrial Zones

The number of industrial uses for SpeedCheck radar speed signs, variable speed limit signs and intelligent traffic signs continue to grow, and includes a wide array of applications such as:

  • Forklift speed management in warehouses
  • Alerting truck drivers of their speed in weighing, mining and oil
    refinery operations
  • Railways keep trains moving at the right speed when changing
  • Reminding bus drivers at transportation centers to keep speeds
    under 5 mph

What they all have in common is reducing risk, injury, accidents or property loss due to drivers operating at unsafe speeds.

SpeedCheck portable stand-mount radar speed display signs are easy to set up and move around the warehouse. This tends to be the best solution around forklifts. The problem with forklifts is that drivers have no idea how fast they are driving and our SpeedCheck radar speed signs are ideal for keeping them driving at safe speeds.

Most of our industrial customers tend to install permanent pole-mounted radar speed display signs at their facilities. This gives the best protection for the display and is a constant reminder to the drivers of their speed.


Calming traffic. Reducing risks and injuries

Our SpeedCheck radar speed signs' 15-inch permanent display - the prefect solution for campus use.

Academic, hospital and business campuses have pedestrians moving between buildings throughout the day. Increasingly, these companies and institutions are finding that radar speed signs and variable speed limit signs strategically placed on roads around the campus enhance safety by keeping speeds in check.

Some of our manufacturing customers have deployed our portable-mount displays in parking lots to address speeding concerns during shift changes.

Our pole-mounted radar speed signs and variable speed limit signs are ideal for use on academic and business campuses where slowing traffic is a constant concern.

IDC Reducing RiskFor the past half decade, SpeedCheck radar speed signs have been slowing cars on campus and helping to keep Binghamton University students safe.


Police and Targeted Enforcement

Targeted Speeders

Drivers slow down instantly and long-term with SpeedCheck radar speed signs. Increase the focus on speeders with targeted police enforcement. Given limited police resources and limited funding, our SpeedCheck TrafficAnalyzer™ is ideal for pinpointing speeding drivers during specific hours and days.


Calming traffic. Increasing awareness.

To avoid congestion on already overcrowded freeways and expressways, commuters are often rerouting through neighborhood and pedestrian zones. Often the police or sheriff will deploy either a SpeedCheck trailer-mounted radar speed display sign or SpeedCheck trunk-mounted radar speed signs for traffic calming in these heavily traveled areas. They then follow up periodically with enforcement ticketing. Repeating this process helps remind drivers to obey the posted limit.


SpeedCheck radar speed signs on Duty 24/7

SpeedCheck portable radar speed display signs provide traffic calming whenever and wherever the need arises, effectively reminding drivers to slow to a safe speed. Studies show that compliance continues even after the radar speed sign has been moved on to protect another location.

Trailer-mounted SpeedCheck radar speed signs and variable speed limit signs can run for multiple weeks without recharging and are resistant to vandalism and theft. Trailers are typically left unattended in one neighborhood for a few days, and then towed to the next problem area.

SpeedCheck portable radar speed signs are very practical for day-to-day use. Typically used for short-term needs, portable radar speed signs are either trunk-mounted and run on the vehicle's battery, or stand-mounted, running on a deep cycle 24 battery. Both solutions are:

  • Hassle Free - The portable radar speed sign can easily fit in the trunk of a
    car and installed within minutes. The one-piece radar speed sign is
    lightweight at 30 lbs., making it fast and easy to set up and take down.
  • Very Cost Effective - You can purchase two portable radar speed signs for
    the cost of one SpeedCheck trailer-mounted radar speed sign.
  • Energy Efficient - With up to 7 days of operation - you have
    enough power for up to a week of daily operation.


Calming traffic. Increasing safety.

In Northern California, the highway patrol uses trailer-mounted radar speed signs to remind freeway drivers to slow down. They deploy the radar speed signs initially without enforcement. Then, a week or so later, they place the radar speed signs up front, with police enforcement a mile or two down the road. This strategy has proven to be quite effective - the message is clear and the speeding violation is unquestionable. Offending drivers are clearly warned with the radar speed signs, yet they continued to speed.

The CHP has found that repeating this process periodically keeps the traffic traveling at safer speeds.





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