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Information Display Company is the industry’s most respected name in radar speed signs and other speed displays. We've been a key player in the radar speed sign industry for more than 15 years, starting as a behind the scenes supplier to the major police radar companies. Our expertise is in radar speed signs and display products, and we bring many years of experience to bear on all of the products that we build today. Our goal is to provide the very best product possible while providing you the greatest value over the coming years. Our customers know we do exactly that, which is why they come back to us year after year.


Company History

IDC has product installations in nearly every state, supported through a network of resellers and direct sales representatives nationwide

Working from a small office in the early 1990’s in Aurora, Oregon, Information Display Company started operations as a manufacturer of speed radar guns used for sports applications and supplier of radar components to police radar manufacturers. In the mid-1990’s there emerged a need for police to display speeds taken of motorists with a radar gun in a larger format display. Scott Kelley, the founder and Chief Engineer, designed the company’s first large format display.

Information Display Company has continued to add to the SpeedCheck product line by anticipating the changing needs of the market. By applying design elements that leverage the fixed relationship between sign and the viewer, our UltraClear™ and SafetyMask™ systems were added. Today, these systems provide market leading clarity and contrast in all weather and viewing conditions. SpeedCheck is still the only display with the ability to prevent “rubbernecking” as drivers pass the display, so drivers keep their eyes on the road ahead

Our engineering team has continued to add functionality such as TrafficAnalyzer™, Scheduler, DisplayManager™ (Notebook & Central Office), QuickChange Brackets, and TimeKeeper™. Our latest addition is the SpeedCheck Traffic Flow Manager.

In 2003, we relocated to larger quarters in Beaverton, Oregon and have continued our strong growth. Our marketing, sales, manufacturing and engineering teams have worked closely together to support and improve our products. Today, Information Display Company has product installations in nearly every state through a network of resellers and direct sales representatives nationwide, and the SpeedCheck products are used in more cities nationwide than any other radar speed display.

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