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Optional Speed Display Accessories

For extra empahsis you may want to consider adding an external flasher strobe or camera to your speed display. Information Display Company has the hardware and software you need to make these and other optional accessories easy to install, use and manage.


SpeedCheck Flasher Systems

Flasher systems are a great option for those looking to further alert drivers to slow down. Used in conjunction with our SpeedCheck radar speed signs, variable speed limit signs and intelligent traffic signs, flasher systems can be an effective part of increasing traffic safety in school zones, work zones and other traffic calming applications.

Combined with our easy-to-use scheduling software, SpeedCheck flasher systems allow you to tailor sign operations for your specific application.


  IDC Flasher System  

SpeedCheck DeviceManager™

Our SpeedCheck DeviceManager allows you to control up to two external devices, such as flashers and strobes; that are triggered by our predefined speed thresholds.

Your traffic calming application may change after you have ordered your display. SpeedCheck radar speed signs and other speed displays are designed to accomodate that possibility. Here are two options:


With our classic main board, our factory programs your display speed settings. This is ideal when there isn't a need for changing or programming speed settings, scheduling or traffic data collection. If you change your mind later, you can change your speed settings in the field by gaining access inside the display to change jumpers on the main board.

With our programmable main board, you have the maximum programming flexibility. Changing your speed settings or programming features is quick and easy, using one of our DisplayManager options. The main board is configured with a Bluetooth wireless connection - either onsite using a laptop computer, or from your central office location using a wireless modem installed within your displays.


SpeedCheck Scheduler

With the SpeedCheck Scheduler you can tailor the time of operations of multiple speed display features - from simple On/Off functions to data collection times, awareness settings and the time of operations of external devices such as strobes, cameras and flashers.

Our scheduler even supports two speed settings on one roadway - such as one speed during school hours and another when school is out.

The easy-to-use scheduling software allows you to program the speed limit displays to suit your changing needs - useful anywhere the speed is reduced during certain hours, such as school zones, business campuses, or HOV lanes.



Our basic SpeedCheck Scheduler is a sophisticated scheduling program. It allows you to tailor the operation of all features and outputs to specific dates and times - yet the user interface is so friendly you can program a basic seven-day year-round schedule with ease.

The basic Scheduler uses a Bluetooth-enabled laptop computer to communicate with individual speed displays and provides a weekly schedule with up to eight events per day.


Our SpeedCheck Advanced Scheduler uses a Bluetooth enabled PC or laptop computer at the display location or from your desktop with our wireless Central Office application. The Advanced Scheduler provides a two-year calendar with up to 16 events per day and the ability to save programmed schedules by location type, such as school zones or neighborhoods.

  IDC Device Manager  


SpeedCheck TimeKeeper™

Take your schedule operation to a higher level with daily time synchronization. SpeedCheck TimeKeeper prevents a possible time drift in your display clock. Each day, TimeKeeper automatically synchronizes the internal clock in your display to a government atomic clock, using a GPS signal via satellite.

Daily synchronization ensures that your scheduled changes occur exactly on time, and that multiple signs are in sync within a fraction of a second. TimeKeeper is useful for timed operations, or when you need verification that your speed displays are changed at a precise time.


Other Optional Accessories


Optional Accessories


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