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SpeedCheck™  Speed Limit Signs With Automatic Scheduling Are Designed For School Zones, Commuter Routes And Other Traffic Sites Where Regular Speed Changes Are Desired

PORTLAND, Oregon, April 30, 2007 – Information Display Company (IDC), manufacturers of the most popular brand of traffic calming equipment in the nation, today unveiled the SpeedCheck Auto-Change speed sign, a MUTCD approved speed limit sign that automatically changes the posted speed limit based upon prescheduled settings. Designed for school zones, commuter roads and other traffic areas where predetermined speed limit changes are desired, the Auto-Change speed limit sign eliminates any driver
confusion over the proper speed limit at any given time.

The SpeedCheck Auto-Change speed limit sign can be programmed to display different posted speed limits depending upon the time of day or day of the week. The Auto-Change sign can be programmed wirelessly using a Palm handheld device or laptop computer.

“When the school bell rings at the end of the day, children come running and the chance of school zone-related accidents increases significantly,” said Gary O’Dell, president of Information Display Company. “While many streets around schools and playgrounds have different speed limits during these particularly dangerous times, its up to the driver to know exactly what time of day it is and what speed limit is proper. The Auto-Change speed limit sign takes the guess work out of determining the correct speed limit for any time of day or day of the week.”

Like all SpeedCheck brand signs, Auto-Change speed limit signs meet federal government regulations and are designed to maximize effectiveness and durability. Each sign uses IDC’s own UltraClear II technology to ensure the highest visibility and clarity. They are vandal resistant and built with a 100 percent electronic LED display that has no moving parts to wear out, stick or break. SpeedCheck Auto-Change speed limit signs are retail priced starting at $2,795 and are available for immediate order and delivery.

For fifteen years, Information Display Company’s sole focus of attention has been expanding and perfecting traffic calming technology. As a result, “SpeedCheck” brand radar speed signs are now used in more cities than any other brand. For more information, go to or contact the company at (800) 421-8325.

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