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Leading Manufacturer Of Traffic Calming Products Promises New Hires Based Upon Federal Stimulus Program Projects - Asks Others To Do Same

PORTLAND, Oregon, March 17, 2009 – Information Display Company (IDC) today announced the creation of a new company program intended to help directly turn federal stimulus money into new jobs. Under the program, IDC has committed to an immediate investment of its own funds towards the hire of new employees. In addition, the company has committed to an aggressive new hiring program based upon projects received as a result of the federal stimulus package.

Both elements of the IDC program center upon a highly aggressive hiring formula. According to IDC president, Gary ODell, the company will hire one new employee for every $200,000 dollars of business it receives as a result of the stimulus package. This revenue-to-employee ratio is about one-third lower than the traditional industry standard.

By lowering the financial bar for new hires, IDC hopes to maximize the effectiveness of federal stimulus spending at putting Americans back to work. ODell believes IDC can sustain the more aggressive hiring formula for the short term and that the company will be able to grow into that employee count in the coming years as the economy recovers.

“We are also calling on our partners and other businesses to make similar commitments,” said ODell. “IDC is currently working to build a consortium of like-minded companies that are all committed to helping get America back to work. Those interested in joining our efforts should contact us at [email protected] .

IDC is the largest manufacturer of speedcheck signs – radar speed display signs that show motorists how fast they're driving. Having proven to be a highly effective method for slowing traffic and increasing pedestrian safety, speedcheck signs will undoubtedly be used in a variety of stimulus funded transportation related projects. Permanently mounted radar speed display signs are used in school zones and on neighborhood streets where they help keep children safe and reduce accidents. Portable speedcheck signs are often used in and around work zones where road repairs and other construction projects are underway.

“Information Display Company is fortunate to be the leader in a fast growing market that we helped create,” said ODell. “We now find ourselves in a position to potentially benefit as a result of economic stimulus spending, and we feel an obligation to do what we can to maximize the impact of this investment and help ensure the stimulus does what it’s intended to do…create new jobs.”

IDC is a privately held company and does not share financial information. In order to assure customers that the company is meeting its stated goals, IDC has contracted with a third-party accounting firm responsible for verifying compliance.

According to the Small Business Administration, companies with less than 50 employees account for approximately 96 percent of all U.S. businesses. By supporting these companies through stimulus projects authorized by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the federal government is hoping to create jobs to kick-start an ailing economy.

Information Display Company currently has ten full time employees and supports an additional ten or more outside resellers, marketers and other partners. The company believes the implementation of their new hire policy could add an additional 3-10 full time employees to its workforce.

About Information Display Company

For the past 15 years, Information Display Company has played a leading role in designing, testing and manufacturing active traffic safety displays. As a result, their display signs are used in more cities than any other brand. For more information, visit or call (800) 421-8325.

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