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Radar Speed Signs

Radar speed signs - also known as driver feed back signs, speedcheck signs, radar speed displays and "Your Speed" signs among other terms - work by refocusing driver attention on their current speed. Studies show that well-designed radar speed signs are highly effective at slowing cars - particularly around school zones, neighborhood streets and work zones.

IDC's SpeedCheck radar speed signs are designed to work unfailingly in all types of weather and driving conditions. They are completely MUTCD and FHWA compliant and are simply the most effective, durable and versatile radar speed signs available.


Traffic Calming Solutions

Effective: SpeedCheck radar speed signs are designed with several patented technologies that ensure they are clearly visible to targeted drivers and ONLY to targeted drivers. Their official MUTCD and FHWA compliant design also commands driver respect - an important element in their effectiveness at slowing cars.

Durable: Beyond the extremes of weather, radar speed signs are exposed to a lot of abuse. SpeedCheck radar speed signs have unique vandal resistant features that allow them to absorb impacts and withstand the abuse that others cannot.

Versatile: SpeedCheck radar speed signs can be easily mounted to a permanent pole, the back of a truck, on a trailer or on a temporary stand - OR - they can be readily moved from any one to the other. The SpeedCheck radar speed signs' highly energy efficient design makes them ideal for solar powered installations. If a part needs replacing, the SpeedCheck radar speed signs' modular design and built-in system analysis makes it easy for un-trained personnel to diagnose and repair the problem in just a matter of minutes.


Radar Speed Signs - Display Sizes

Some displays are simply too small to be effectively visible to moving drivers.

SpeedCheck radar speed signs are the right size to perfectly fit the typical application, and they comply with all MUTCD specifications.

Not only do MUTCD compliant SpeedCheck signs better command respect, but they are 100% eligible for all grant funding.


IDC Display Sizes


SpeedCheck radar speed signs come in two sizes:

15-inch radar speed signs
The 1520 series SpeedCheck display is 75% larger than signs designed to the MUTCD standard, and is the overwhelming customer choice for school zones, neighborhoods and playground areas, where it provides the perfect combination of excellent visibility with compact size.

18-inch radar speed signs
Our 1820 series SpeedCheck display with 18-inch digits is sized for higher speed highway and expressway applications.

IDC Radar Speed Sign Sizes


Standard & Optional Speed Display Features

Standard Display Features

Trailer, Stands & Trunk Mounts

Trailer, Stands, & Trunk Mounts Trailer, Stands & Trunk Mounts

Speed Display Mounting Options

Speed Display Mounting Options Speed Display Mounting Options

Speed Display Accessories

Speed Display Optional Accessories Speed Display Optional Accessories




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