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Variable Speed Limit Signs

Eliminate any questions regarding the current posted speed and catch the attention of drivers. IDC's variable speed limit signs are designed with several patented technologies including UltraClear™ contrast enhancing technology and SafetyMask™ technology, both of which help ensure our speed displays are seen in all types of weather and road conditions. With this dramatic viewability, drivers instantly comprehend the display. They recognize the familiar size, shape and color of the MUTCD compliant speed limit sign and the LED digits draw their attention to the current speed limit.

Traffic Calming Solutions

Our variable speed limit signs are useful in locations such as school zones and commuter lanes where the speed limit changes regularly by time of day or day of the week. Variable speed limit signs are also used to slow down speeds for changing road conditions, traffic conditions or HOV lane changes. The variable speed limit sign can be programmed to flash the posted speed for extra emphasis or can be paired with external devices such as flashing lights or strobes.

With our built-in scheduler, the speed limit automatically changes based on date and time. SpeedCheck's advanced Scheduler allows for exception periods such as vacations and summer schedules. Our variable speed limit sign can be programmed on location with our DisplayManager™ Bluetooth application. Our DisplayManager Central Office application can be used from your desktop to manage more complex schedule changes.


Speed Limit Alert™ Displays

Speed Limit Alert Display

IDC's multi-featured Speed Limit Alert™ displays are a great solution for locations where the speed limit varies by time or traffic conditions and where compliance is critical.

The signs integrate speed-sensing radar and an LED display within the familiar, easily recognized format of a regular Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) R2-1 speed limit sign.

With one display, approaching drivers can clearly read the speed limit currently in effect, and are quickly warned to slow down if they are exceeding that limit.

Speed Limit Alert displays are ideal for high-risk pedestrian areas, such as school zones, parks and residential areas. Our customers also use them in work zones, hazard approaches, and where high-speed roadways lead into commercial or residential areas.

With ViolationAlert™, the display flashes the LED digits alerting drivers they are exceeding the posted speed limit. The faster the speed, the faster the Speed Limit Alert LED digits flash. Add our SLOW DOWN message option when a stronger visual warning is needed. The display's SLOW DOWN message can be programmed to flash by itself, or to alternate flashing with the current posted speed limit.

Using our DeviceManager™, Speed Limit Alert displays can trigger external devices such as flashers and strobe lights, when drivers are exceeding the current limit.

SpeedCheck displays are programmed on location with our DisplayManager™ application via wireless Bluetooth connection, or, with our DisplayManager Central Office application, you can control them remotely from your desktop.


Standard & Optional Speed Display Features

Standard Display Features Standard & Optional Speed Display Features

Trailer, Stands & Trunk Mounts

Trailer, Stands, & Trunk Mounts Trailer, Stands & Trunk Mounts

Speed Display Mounting Options

Speed Display Mounting Options Speed Display Mounting Options

Speed Display Accessories

Speed Display Optional Accessories Speed Display Optional Accessories




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