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Radar Speed Sign Stands & Trunk Mounts


The SpeedCheck Stand and Trunk Mounts

SpeedCheck portable radar speed signs are ideal for temporary traffic calming solutions, saving travel and deployment time by and conserving battery power.

Speed Sign Trunk Mounts


Stand-mount displays: can run on a deep-cycle battery for five to seven days of daily operation. It can be deployed within minutes.


Trunk-mount displays: can either get power from the vehicle battery with an adapter plug for the cigarette lighter, or from a deep-cycle 24-battery placed in the trunk.


POWER OPTIONS - portables

Battery - All SpeedCheck trailer-mount displays are equipped with a single 12-volt 245 amp-hour battery, a 10 amp charger that automatically shuts down once the battery is fully charged and a 120-volt battery charger.

Solar - With solar assist, the display can operate up to six weeks without recharging. Without the aid of a solar panel, the trailer-mount will operate for up to 15 days with the battery.





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