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Mounting Options

SpeedCheck radar speed signs come with everything you will need to get them installed...except for the pole. Each one of our speed displays can support options for:

  • Permanent mounting
  • Semi-permanent mounting
  • Portable mounting
  • Flashers & wooden post mounting
  • Mounting with solar power

Permanent Mounting

Information Display Company has designed permanent mounting options for nearly every possible scenario. Our speed displays ship with standard brackets, using banding for easy installation on your pole. While the standard banding brackets are most widely used, we offer additional mounting options, including:

  • Tilt brackets for locations with severe road grades or displays to be mounted over 12 feet.
  • QuickChange™ brackets for semi-permanent installations.
  • Brackets for mounting solar systems on the side or the top of the pole.
  • Portable options for mounting displays on a stand with a one-inch receiver, or on a trunk with suction feet. We also offer a trailer-mounted version.

Standard brackets

These SpeedCheck display brackets use banding for mounting to your 2.5" to 6" diameter poles. We recommend round poles, although some customers have successfully used wooden posts.

Standard Mounting Brackets

Tilt brackets

Tilt brackets allow the display to tip up or down when it is mounted at 12 feet or higher, or for maximum visibility in areas with steep grades. Tilt brackets can be installed at the top of the display, or on both top and bottom before being attached to the pole. These brackets can be used on 2.5"- or 6"-diameter poles.


Semi-Permanent Mounting

This is the perfect solution when you have a limited budget, but more than one area requiring traffic calming since the display can be moved quickly from one pole location to another. If at a later date you decide to keep the display at one particular location, the mounting is completely secure as a permanent solution as well.

QuickChange brackets - pole mounting

The QuickChange bracket system can be used with any of our permanent speed displays, attaching to a sign pole or power pole and secured with a padlock.

Quick Change Mounting Brackets

QuickChange brackets - trailer-mounting

QuickChange brackets maximize versatility and extend the reach of a limited budget by allowing you to use your SpeedCheck speed display in multiple locations. With the QuickChange brackets, your speed display can be on the trailer one day and mounted on a neighborhood pole the next.


Portable Mounting Options

Our portable speed displays can be mounted on a collapsible stand or attached via suction cups to the trunk or roof of a vehicle. The custom-made 3.5" suction mounts are nearly impossible to remove without using their built-in vacuum release valves.

Portable displays are a perfect low-cost option. Because they are easy to use and to transport, portable displays are used on a temporary basis in a wide range of applications, such as hazard zones, work zones, special events, school zones and for neighborhood speeding concerns.

  • Portable displays are equipped with a deep cycle battery, supplying enough
    power for five to seven days of daily operation.
  • The stand-mount and trunk-mount options can be set up within minutes,
    allowing for virtually instant response to complaints or urgent needs.
  • The sign face and stand fold to allow the display to fit in the trunk of a car.
  • Trunk-mounted displays can get power from the vehicle with an adapter plug for the cigarette lighter, or from a deep cycle battery placed in the trunk.

The trailer-mounted display is ideal when you want to leave the display in place for longer periods and require more security. With solar assist, the trailer-mounted display can operate up to six weeks without recharging.

The pictures below demonstrate portable SpeedCheck radar speed signs. Portable-mount or trailer-mount options are also available for IDC's variable speed limit signs and intelligent traffic signs.

Portable Mounting Options

Flashers & Wooden Post Mounting

Pole-mount with flashers

Our speed displays can be mounted with a variety of signs, and combines with flashers and strobe options. Our radar speed signs, variable speed signs and intelligent traffic signs can control the times of operation and supply the power.

Pole Mounting Options

Pole-mount with wooden posts

For a single wooden post-mount, we recommend attaching the display to a round pipe first, then attaching the pipe to the post to prevent the display from rotating. Another options, as shown below (right), is to mount to wooden posts on both outer sides of the display.

Wood Pole Mount Options

Mounting with Solar Power

When considering a solar-powered solution, you will need to plan the height and size of your pole.

  • We recommend at least a 4-inch diameter pole to support solar panels since they can easily catch the wind and act like a sail.
  • The bottom of your SpeedCheck display needs to be six to eight feet from the ground to help minimize vandalism and to meet FHWA MUTCD standards.
  • You can mount the battery box on behind the backside of the fixed sign to save pole real estate and neatly tuck the equipment out of sight.
  • A speed limit sign requires 30" x 36" with one foot of separation between the display and the top of pole solar panel racks.
  • For pole space allocation when mounting solar panels on the side of the pole:
    a) allow 2 feet when using SpeedCheck solar brackets
    b) For larger sized panes we use UniRack brackets. Allow 4 feet to support
    85 to 13- watts, and 6 feet to support 150 watts or more.


Solar Installation examples

Mounting with Solar Power Options

Solar Powered Radar Speed Sign


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