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The difference 5 mph can make

By dramatically reducing the speed of the worst offenders, SpeedCheck radar speed display signs can well mean the difference between life and death.

Studies show that radar speed signs have a major impact on vehicles traveling above the speed limit. While the presence of a radar speed sign may cause a reduction in the average speed of just a few miles per hour (typically 5 to 8 mph), this small change represents a substantial reduction in the risk of serious injury or death.

The pink chart shows that slower moving vehicles are far less likely to be involved in pedestrian accidents.

  • An alert and skilled driver traveling 20 mph who spots a child in the road 50 feet ahead will be able to come to a full stop within the distance.
  • The same driver traveling 30 mph will not even begin to slow down before hitting the child.

Driving speeds also have a dramatic affect on fatality rates in pedestrian accidents. The critical speed range for achieving a reduction in injury and death is the same speed range typically seen in school and pedestrian zones, as seen in the blue chart.

  • Reducing vehicle- pedestrian crash speed from 30 mph to 20 mph decreases the likelihood of death from 45% to 5%.
Chart Fatalities vs Speed
  • Even if the accident is not prevented, the risk of death or serious injury is dramatically reduced by reducing the speed at which a vehicle-pedestrian accident occurs.


Why radar speed signs -
Simple as a, b, c

A) Immediate and long-lasting results -
SpeedCheck radar speed display signs
significantly reduce the likelihood of a vehicle-pedestrian accident - typical school zone speed reductions of 5-8 mph.

B) SRTS Funding for more schools - SpeedCheck displays are a lower cost, lower maintenance alternative to sidewalks, traffic lights or speed bumps, allowing you to stretch your SRTS funding.

C) Measured success. Our TrafficAnalyzer™
collects date, time and speed for each vehicle with integrated reports and access to the raw data. With data in hand, you can easily measure your program results and direct targeted police enforcement for excessive speeding areas.


Why SpeedCheck brand radar speed signs - It all adds up

  • Effective: The major factor in determining the
    effectiveness of one radar speed display sign over
    another is visibility. SpeedCheck displays use several patented technologies such as SafetyMask™ and UltraClear™, making them dramatically more visible than speed displays from any other manufacturer.
  • Dependable: Our SpeedCheck radar speed
    display signs operate 24 hours a day, seven days a
    week, delivering instant results and maintaining
    traffic calming year after year.
  • Versatile: IDC radar speed signs come with a variety
    of options and features that make them the most
    versatile displays in the business. Data collection,
    scheduling, variable messaging, and other features
    ensure your sign is right for the job you have to do.



Radar Speed Sign Applications

Learn how IDC's radar signs are used by police, school officials, public works professionals, local and state governments, neighborhood associations and others concerned with traffic safety. Choose the application best related to your needs and learn how others have solved their own traffic calming problems using SpeedCheck radar speed signs, variable speed signs and intelligent traffic signs.


School Zones and Safe Routes to School

Traffic Calming Solutions

As we become increasingly concerned about the declining health of our children, the worsening of traffic congestion, and the condition of our environment, communities across the country are working together to encourage students to walk and bike to school. With so much at stake, it's not surprising that much attention is being focused on school zone safety and preventing vehicle-pedestrian accidents where children are present.

In August 2005, federal transportation legislation allocated $612 million from 2005-2009 to fund National Safe Routes to School (SRTS). These funds are available to you to help you improve school zone safety and reduce traffic near primary and middle schools.

As a member of the National Partnership for Safe Routes to School, Information Display Company wants to make sure you are aware of funding and other resources available for starting and implementing your own SRTS program.

Below is a summary of the charter for the National Safe Routes to School organization. This is a great place to start to learn more about the programs and funding available. The following links will you get started:

Safe Route Info

Safe Route Funding

Information Display Company and Safe Routes to School

As we encourage more children to walk and ride bikes to school, we must be proactive about slowing down speeders. Permanently installed radar speed signs and variable speed limit signs make the most sense in school zones and Safe Routes to School areas. With the highest risk, school zones require the greatest effort in preventing vehicle-pedestrian crashes.

Studies show that radar speed signs are more effective than other traffic calming measures. Permanently installed SpeedCheck radar speed signs will substantially slow down drivers and increase school zone safety.



Work Zones

Radar Speed Signs in Work Zones

Roadway work zones are necessary and they are not going away. The risk to workers and drivers continues to rise with increased congestion and distracted drivers. The Federal Highway Administration puts it in perspective with the following work zone safety facts and statistics:

  • Between 2001 and 2005, the number of persons killed in work zone crashes rose to an average of 1068 fatalities a year.
  • 85% of those killed in work zones were drivers or occupants.
  • More than 40,000 people are injured each year in work zone crashes.

Calming traffic. Protecting workers.

Speedcheck radar speed signs help increase work zone safety when used in conjunction with construction speed signs and "Fines Double" signs. Our 18-inch portable or trailer-mounted radar speed signs are extremely visible and effective at sending a strong message to slow down. Portable SpeedCheck radar speed signs are ideal solutions for work sites that will be in operation for a few hours or days.


Portable Radar Speed Display Signs - Quick Set Up for Short Term Work Sites

Stand or trunk mounted SpeedCheck radar speed signs - ideal for short-term projects.

SpeedCheck portable stand or trunk mounted radar speed signs fit easily in a vehicle's trunk or in the back of a maintenance truck. The radar speed signs can run 5 to 7 days on a single battery charge, or can be powered from a vehicle's accessory outlet. Portable radar speed signs can be set up in less than a minute on a stand-mount or mounted to a trunk. You will start seeing results right away.

  Portable Radar Speed Signs


Neighborhoods & Pedestrian Zones

Radar Speed Signs Neighborhood Zones

To avoid congestion on already overcrowded freeways and expressways, commuters are often rerouting through neighborhood streets. These drivers may not be aware of pedestrian traffic or playgrounds, focused solely on getting to their office or other destination on time.

As commuter traffic shifts, so does activity in our neighborhoods. Children are less likely to walk to school or play in the front of the yard. Family walks are taken in areas outside of the neighborhood, if at all. And as neighborhood traffic increases, so does the need for traffic calming measures.


Calming traffic. Saving neighborhoods.

Information Display Company offers three types of SpeedCheck radar speed display signs to slow speeders in neighborhoods. Once in place, each display is on duty for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Portable radar speed display signs can be moved to calm traffic whenever and wherever needed.
  • Semi-permanent radar speed signs, mounted with QuickChange™ brackets, can be in place as long as needed.
  • Permanent radar speed display signs are recommended in areas where
    speeding is a constant concern.


Tips for Neighborhood Associations and Gated Communities

To assist in securing funding in your neighborhood, you will want to consider collecting data demonstrating the effectiveness of a radar speed display sign in your trouble spots. The most valuable data will compare speeds before and after the radar speed sign is placed.

  • Often, the city has a traffic-calming department, usually within the Police
    Department or in Public Works. If they have road tubes that count traffic and
    gather speed data, they may offer to place them across your street to help you gather your data.
  • If you use a radar speed display sign to collect the before data, it is best to
    completely cover the display so you are getting an accurate "before" picture.
  • If your local police department has a portable or trailer-mounted radar
    speed display sign, ask them to set it up in your neighborhood for a period of time, during which you can assess its effectiveness.

Once you have the results, the moderate cost of a permanently installed SpeedCheck radar speed display sign often makes it a logical and attractive solution to a growing concern.

There may be funding available through your city, county or state department of transportation for safety initiatives. Typically, these agencies favor community involvement and may offer matching funds or programs to address your speeding concerns.


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More Applications for Radar Speed Signs




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